See the Difference!

  • Six micro-nutrients and specialized Grow-Aide
  • Grow Best's Balanced 8-8-8 Formula
  • More foliage, blooms, and brighter colors.
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Outdoor and Indoor!

  • Perfect for garden plants, flowers, vegetables (especially tomatoes), shrubs, azaleas, ferns.
  • Indoor Plants, Hanging Baskets, Container Plants, Orchids and African violets.
  • Seedlings. Cuttings. Transplanting.
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Does not burn!

  • Does not burn roots or leaves
  • No mess. It's a liquid. Mixes instantly.
    (no more green finger tips or blue counter tops)
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See the Difference

Grow Best boosts plant growth factors with a balanced 8-8-8 formula. Grow Best's eight organic plant food supplements promote growth and enable plants to take up more nutrients without burning foliage.​

It is truly all-purpose. It is perfect for garden plants, flowers, vegetables, especially tomatoes, trees, shrubs, azaleas, roses, ferns, even orchids and African violets.

Great for indoor plants, hanging baskets, container plants. Seedlings. Cuttings. Transplanting.

With Grow Best's six micro-nutrients helping to boost plant growth factors, your plants and flowers will thrive. Grow Best’s lower Urea content means faster growth, more blooms, and larger foliage with no foliage burn.

Grow Best Liquid Fertilizer is easy and clean to mix and use:

  • No green fingers or blue countertops.
  • Mixes INSTANTLY. No stirring required.
  • No clogged sprayers.
  • Use from one season to the next. Will not harden, separate, or settle out of solution.
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